Bad News

Hier, le 04/01/12, le north Shore de Maui recevait le premier gros swell de 2012.
Les Guns de surf, les SUP, les jet ski et le matos de windsurf étaient prêt pour affronter Jaws ou les autre outside reef du north shore hawaiien.

Pendant que certains se régalaient, d’autres ont vécu une horrible journée.
Le shaper emblématique de la marque Naish, Harold Iggy, est décédé dans les bras de son ami Randy Naish (frère de Robby). Ils étaient en train de surfer avec des nouveaux prototypes de SUP 18ft quand Harold s’est noyé.

Retrouvé ci-dessous le récit de Randy Naish

« Bad day!
Harold Ige,,,,, shaper, friend, and mentor, died in my arms today,,,,,
We were testing new 18ft sup prototypes,,,, everything was fine,,,,
Harold took a good one,,,, rode it a couple hundred yards.
I was about 50 yards behind,when I whatched him collapse into the water. 
I got there as fast as I could.
He'd been under 1 min or maybe 2,,,,,, time gets funny when one is put in this position.
A passing kayak instructor helped out,had a phone on him and called 911.
Kai Santos (good old friend and waterman) saw the pilikia and swam out with fins and together we tried to resuscitate Harold, we were towed in by an instructor from Kailua sailboards and kayaks(. Thanks Leo!) and a C&C lifeguard.
Response time from Honolulu C&C was super,,,,,, when we got to the beach, the ambulance was pulling in. 
When I saw Harold go under,,, I knew something was up,,,,very unlike Harold,,,,,,,when he didn't come up after a few seconds,,,,,,,,
I knew something was bad,,,,,,,
We fought hard all the way to the beach to bring him back.
Called out to Harold,,,, God, and anyone else who may have been listening to help us.
I've never felt so helpless!
I did all I could,,,, WE, did all we could
I'm sorry ,,,,
I'll never forget this day even if I want to
The surfing world lost an icon, a legend, and a friend to many, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and,,,, a mentor.
Love you uncle Harold.
Aloha,, »,
Randy naish

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